Our product: A Soccer API

​Fully Automated Tracking and Event Data Collection

Using static video camera streams, the Signality platform is able to derive positional data and event data information, automatically.

Connecting the respective video streams with our platform starts the automated process. Within low-latency you will be provided with the data feeds through our easy to access open API.

Tracking data

We provide you with fast and accurate positional data of all players on the pitch, including information about the ball and the referee. Based on this information, a set of different KPIs can be derived, easily:

  • Total running distances
  • Speed Zones
  • Sprints
  • Separation between players and many more
Tracking data illustration
Event data illustration

Event data

Event data includes information about the specific event type, timestamp, team and player assignment. We are constantly expanding our list of events. These are some of the event types we can deliver today:

  • Kick-Off
  • Red card
  • Substitution
  • Yellow card
  • End of Phase
  • Penalty
  • Goal
  • Passes
  • Corner kick
  • Dangerous free kick

Validation of Signality Services.

Our technology has been validated by the Gothenburg university proofing our level of quality. Furthermore, we constantly validate our services inhouse and with our partners. 

Reach out to us for more information.

How it works

Connect your video streams to our API. Optionally provide additional match information, such as lineups, home and away team and kick off time

  • Your videos will run through our automated pipeline. Here we apply our AI models and derive the information from the videos.
  • Use the data provided through our easy to use open API.
  • QA services help to ensure the data quality. This constantly trains our models and further improves the services.
How it works illustration
To run our services, a couple of requirements have to be met. Check our help-page for more information on this.

Possible Integrations

Being a B2B service provider, there are a couple of ways to how you can use our service. These are the most used ones.

White label solution

Signality offers a white label solution for partners being interested to fully own the end customers. You can brand the solution as you want, we do not have to be mentioned.

Data Manufacturer

You can ingest and use Signality data to run your products and enter new markets. Connecting to our easy to integrate open API you can ingest and use Signality data to run your products and approach new markets.

Video Analysis Add‑on

Use Signality services on top of your existing camera setup. We can enhance your existing product and create added value to your end-customer.

You have another idea of how to use Signality services and products? Let us know and reach out to us!

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