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Everything started back in 2016 with Mikael Rousson and Michael Höglund, founding Signality. Mikael as an absolute tech expert and former Apple employee on the one side, Michael as a forward thinking, innovative entreprenuer on the other side, formed the perfect team to start a fascinating and successful journey.

Motivated by the vision of making sports data into a self-driving car the two innovators never gave up on their vision and idea. There were a lot of ups and downs over the first years, but at the end both, Michael and Mikael were right and realized their vision.

2021 was an important year when Signality move from a startup into a stand up. Finalizing the core product, extending the overall offering and finally doubling the size of the company in terms of employees, set the foundation for the upcoming face of Signality.

We solve the vision for sports by applying artificial intelligence and computer vision on different sports.

Welcome to our offices at some of the best locations in Linköping and Stockholm

We have unique office locations, both in Linköping, where our headquarter sits in one of the region's best looking buildings, and also in Stockholm where we sit at the historical Posthuset 7A, voted the most popular coworking space in Stockholm in 2021.

Picture of CEO Mikael Rousson

Signality's vision

Signality was born from the drive of changing sports at a fundamental level using computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies. We aim at creating a complete live understanding of a sports game at a geometric and semantic level using cameras, powering revolutionary fan experiences at all levels, from youth and amateur to the elite.

Mikael Rousson
CEO and co-founder

We are Signality and we love Sports, come join us!

Come join the Signality team! We bring a wealth of skills and experience from a wide range of backgrounds.

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