Building the future of sports data through AI

We have created a generic SaaS platform to extract sports data from videos with unique advantages: flexible, automatic, real-time, and scalable

Soccer API

Our automated platform service automatically extracts tracking and event data from static videos. Utilizing existing camera setups and providing the extracted data through an open API makes the product easy to use.

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Signality Building Blocks

All our products and solutions are based on a combination of different modules - the Signality Building Blocks.


Utilizing advanced technology allows full automation of the processes. No human interaction is needed.


Our platform services run on a huge list of different camera settings. Adding new camera settings is done in a reasonable amount of time.


Both tracking and event data detection come with a high standard of accuracy and meet the industry standards.


Our advanced technology enables fast data delivery and low latency data availability.

Cloud based

We utilize the technological innovations wherever possible. Consequently, all our computing is cloud based.


Due to our scalable approach we are able to run huge numbers of matches and events at the same time.

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We love sports and deep tech.

Started in 2016 with a vision and an idea, Signality has become a well-established innovative, deep tech and open company. More About Signality

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