We love sports and deep tech.

We believe that our team is what makes Signality so unique. Founded with a vision of transforming an industry we have formed a company of passionate, talented and curious people who all believe there is always a better way of doing things.

Our Open Positions

Benefits of working at Signality

Our team is the foundation of our success and working at Signality comes with a couple of perks to ensure a good work-life balance for our team members

  • Health, safety, accident and premium waiver insurance
  • 6 weeks of payed vacation per year
  • Opportunity to attend Swedish language courses
  • Occupational pension insurance
  • Hybrid remote possibility
  • Maximum wellness allowance

We bring a wealth of skills and experience from a wide range of backgrounds.

We believe that a team built by different experiences, backgrounds and personalities can achieve great results and push existing boundaries to an unexpectable limit. Consequently, we welcome and encourage all applications and people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin , disability or age.

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The Signality way of working

To be our very best at all times, and always strive for success, we like doing things the Signality Way - because that’s how we raise the bar.

Play Offensive

We Play Offensive by being proactive, by driving the agenda and by staying ahead of the curve

Think Big and be Fearless

We Think Big and are Fearless because we can’t win if we aren’t extremely ambitious and looking for how we can change the status quo.

Team Player

We are Team Players because teamwork is always greater than the sum of all parts.

Passion Matters

We think that Passion Matters because the drive and the joy brings that extra fuel in going that extra mile.

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