3 ways for broadcasters to make data a real part of the Euro 2021 fan experience

by wpadmin
on Jun 11

In the days leading up to the to European Championships in football, I have had a hard time trying to fall asleep. My mind has been racing with equal parts frustration and curiosity.

What will the broadcast look like? How will fans watching be able to customize the experience? Or will it just be like before? And how will broadcasters tap into and show data live?

These are 3 ways I came up with on those sleepless nights on how I would make the experience of football even cooler, paying tribute to the awesomeness that is a European Championship.

Will my vision ring true and look like this on match day? Honestly, probably not, but I have so much hope for the #FutureofSports. So someday it actually might.

The audience today is less content with “just” 90 minutes of football with two, mostly, white and, mostly, male commentators. There is more need and demand from other demographics, and a demand for being able to customise the experience of watching sports.

Let’s see if you all agree with my 3 ways of taking football broadcasting to the next level. Ready? 

Here’s my 1-2-3.

#1 – Free kick – placement likelihood

If you are my age you might remember great ones like Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Siniša Mihajlović, and David Beckham when it comes to the art of free kicks. 

They are intriguing and we are seeing the importance of fixed situations increase as some teams are even employing coaches that work specifically with corners and free kicks, since the upside is so great, when well executed!

Now, bring that way of thinking and visualise it for the viewers, sitting in the couch biting their finger nails. 🎯

#2 – High speed run alert

There is no arguing that speed kills. And speed is something that viewers in all sports crave. Ever heard of Usain Bolt? People that can run high speed is fascinating, and doing that with a ball at their feet – utterly mind-blowing! 🔥

#3 – Total meters run

I want to see the proverbial workhorses and the kilometers they exert throughout the game and the entire tourney. Least of all to see my reddening face when I discover the number shown is how much I run in a month. In a good month. And that was just that midfielders first 15 minutes. 😳

Who do you think will be the workhorse of the EUROs?

So do you agree with me? Kick off, pun intended, the conversation on our LinkedIn!