How to drive fan engagement for GenZers

by wpadmin
on Jun 1

As we are aware of, 40% of US consumers are GenZers ¹ and in just a few years they will become the consumer base of the US, surpassing millennials. This more technological savvy generation will redefine all industries, and sports won’t be an exception.

We see how large sports institutions use technology to improve athlete’s performance, create smart stadiums and provide teams with valuable statistics for them. 

But what about the fan? How are sports businesses driving fan engagement? 

Are the next generation of consumers interested in watching games the traditional way? Having two play-by-play commentators talking about the game for 90 minutes? Or would they rather spend 2 minutes on TikTok? What should sports businesses do to entertain, engage and hook future generations?

OTT and new revenue streams

Source: Forbes ²

Traditionally, the fan experience was built exclusively around the day of the event.  The stadium, television or radio were your only options to follow it. Back then, federations and their television partners were the only ones with rights to create and deliver those events. 

Nowadays, sports  have found new ways to bring all kinds of sports to all kinds of fans anytime and anywhere, especially to the younger ones. OTTs ( “Over the top ”: Streaming service that delivers content over the internet) are replacing linear television among the next generations, who have no problem in paying to have access to exclusive and quality content that fits their interests. This has opened new doors for sports institutions when it comes to monetising their content. 

All that glitters is not gold, though.

The distribution of rights that were previously exclusive to a few has led to the appearance of dozens of platforms that provide similar services for different sports or leagues. Users prioritise the platform that suits their interests the best according to the content they crave. In addition, with this system, hooking new fans becomes a difficult task since normally no client would pay to see a sport that they don’t even know previously. 

Personalised experiences

Customer experience has become a critical competitive differentiator in the online market and simplicity, speed and personalisation are the determining elements. An Adobe survey ³ found that 64% of Generation Z and 72% of Millennial shoppers think brands should provide a personalised experience to their customers. Exclusivity and dynamism is what interests them the most. 

New sports models like FCF (Fan Controlled Football) have emerged out of this new need for fans for control and a personalised experience but this is just the beginning of a new era.

Social responsibility

Technology will not be the only thing that will have to adapt to entertain and hook the next generations. We are facing the most diverse generation in history and, therefore, the vast majority of them want to see more diversity in public events, advertisements and sports. In addition, they prefer to support brands that openly promote gender equality and lgtb+ rights. 

These changes are especially positive for smaller institutions, and will mean a greater distribution of fans among the different sports and modalities. It will also attract new fans who will become interested in these sports when they find a reference model in which to be reflected.

Female modalities will gain weight in our society and totally new sports will gain popularity.

Social Networks

If the new generations adore something it is to feel a closer connection with their idols. At this point, social networks become essential. Nowadays being the best athlete will not guarantee you many fans on the networks, and if they do not support you on the networks, they will not do it outside of them either. That’s the main reason why community managers are becoming more and more common and necessary for professionals who cannot invest part of their day to day in creating content with which to keep their fans happy.

On the other hand, a public scandal can spark a wave of hate and the cancellation culture can put you out of work overnight. 

Now more than ever, the public has great power of decision over their idols and representatives and they want them to be diverse, socially responsible and active on social networks.

In summary, the following generations not only want to have the autonomy to decide when and where to see the content they are interested in, but they also want to be able to decide how and to whom based on their personal experiences and values. 

The greatest technological and social revolution is approaching with future generations who will not settle for just anything.

Stay ahead with Signality

And to stay ahead and meet the GenZers, it will be absolute necessary to cater to they way the want to interact with the team or sport, but also giving them new things they expect from all the other services they are used to; like personalisation, customisation, and getting to the heart of the matter, having more information than ever before, which is true across all the other brands and properties they follow.

And data is information. Data is storytelling, providing the young consumer with insights they yearn for these days. With Signality that is they key solution we provide; a super-easy way to collect new types of data, management and monitoring of the sports data, and distribution in new innovative and storytelling ways.

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