The next generation of sports analytics

by wpadmin
on May 25

The world around us is full of video cameras that capture interactions and moments in every possible industry. They capture in 4K and store petabytes of data every day. Today, however, only a fraction of these hundreds of millions of video cameras can describe what they are looking at. They still fail at the simple task, for a human, of describing and classifying what’s happening in the video. ‘

With we are adding superpowers to any sports video stream or off the shelf camera so clubs, leagues, and media can understand, classify, and create valuable analytics from the video they capture.

Signality lives at the intersection of video and analytics, and video will continue to be the default system of record for sports. Now, we are adding real-time analytics to the video you are already capturing.

We have assembled the best squad across video architecture, AI, and user design to deliver real-time value for clubs.

Giving all the clubs in the world access to world-class analytics without super-expensive arrays camera or cumbersome wearables is where we make a difference. For a fraction of the cost, clubs can use Signality to collect and find insights in real-time as games are being played.

For coaches and analysts: No more manual data entry
Painstakingly, coaches need to create their own dataset from scratch every time they are preparing for a new opponent or self-evaluating their performance. Imagine tagging or breaking down a 90-minute football game, it’s not fun spending 5 hours just doing manual data input. With Signality, those days are over. For each play sequence the coach needs to annotate, or tag, up to 100 actions, formation, and stats — a whopping 15,000 tags per game. Thinking about doing this in real-time to get actionable analytics to make in-game adjustments? No way. How about getting even more in-depth data such as the human eye can’t see – speed, acceleration, or angles? Forget about it. is changing all that.

Live insights for real
Our AI-powered platform will be able to interpret what is happening in the physical world with much more insight than a human using his or her eyes. We train our platform to perform the expert tasks that a coach does of analyzing and annotating what happens on the field in real-time. In addition to automating that video tagging workflow, our platform also captures a richer dataset than human eyes can; player speed, acceleration, angles, and distances between players. 

Free trial
Contact me for a free trial of our platform and see how LiveInsight will help you save hours of manual work and find insights in the data that matters on match day.